Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

The Time In Between

After storming the Imperial Gasworks and blowing up Cobb’s submarine, everybody regroups aboard the Sylvia.

Admiral Havisham -
“Well it would appear we have plenty here to prove that Lord Bishop was coerced into signing over his patent. We have the contracts and plans from the Hammond R&D offices, as well as two material witnesses. We will turn all of this over to the local authorities, and our contract with Lord Bishop should be fulfilled. You had thirty days boys, you did it in three. That’s some good work.”

tokes pipe
motions to Arturo to get him a drink

“We will meet at the usual place next month and issue you with your next assignment, until then, here are your pay packets, take some time for yourselves – we’ll send you a tube if we need you before then.”


maxinstuff maxinstuff

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