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Murphy’s Mail Order has been servicing the people of London for fifty years. So peruse the amazing opportunities in this catalogue, fill out your order form, and all your product will be delivered to your door within one month!

All prices are final! All direct from factory! Come and see us in our London office for any special orders!

Self defense is of utmost importance. Do not be caught in an alley UNARMED. ARM yourself. It is not only vital to your well-being and safety, but it is your responsibility as a subject of Her Majesty! Onward – to the deal!

Section 1 – Close Quarters

Bernard’s Brass Knuckles
Sometimes you must be discreet, and how better than with Bernard’s Brass Bollockers! Take down a big man fast and stroll off with your lady.

Samuel’s Sap
Sometimes you must silence the brute, but must not mess up your evening wear. Samuel’s Sap will bring down the fellow without causing serious injury.

Billy’s Baton
Just like the one the policemen carry!

Donaldson’s Dagger
If the brass punch isn’t deadly enough for you, but discretion is still desired, this dagger will fit the bill. Deadly precise, and razor sharp.

Murphy’s brand Knives
In two sizes, these are sharp and precise implements both for self defense and general utility purposes.
£1, 6s OR £2

Frederick’s Fencing Rapier
Not only is this ideal for poking holes in miscreants, it’s also the ideal accessory for the modern gent. How can you defend your maidens honor in a duel without a fencing weapon? You can’t.
As always, for special orders, visit our offices.

Frederick’s Fencing Saber
Ahhh the Saber. This is a truly versatile piece. Fence your way to victory!
As always, for special orders, visit our offices.

Dragoon Saber
As used by Bismarck’s Dragoons, this cavalry saber mixes military stylings with deadly effectiveness. This is the standard military issue, for special orders, visit our offices.

The Standard Shortsword
Utility, Reliability. Need we say more.

Swashbuckler’s Cutlass
A cheaper imported shortsword, designed for versatility.

Sally’s Smallsword
A mostly decorative smallsword worn mostly by upper class toffs, ladies, and Frenchmen. Still pokes holes in things, and for a nominal fee we can sheathe a version of this weapon into a walking cane of your choice!
Walking Cane – variable, visit our offices.

Section 2: The Guns

Murphy’s Revolver
This .36 caliber revolver is a fixed frame, single action piece. The .36 ammunition can be bought in bulk from our warehouses! A useful item for the man on a budget.
£7, 6s
Single .36 rounds 10p
Can’o’Hundred £4, 3s, 4p

James Purdy & Son’s Revolver
James Purdy & Sons are London’s foremost makers of fine firearms. This is their signature sidearm. Popular among the middle classes. Fires .38 caliber rounds.
James Purdy can be contacted directly for special requests.
Come with either standard and snub barrels.
Standard £20
Snub £12, 6s
Single .38 rounds 8p
Can’o’Hundred £3, 6s, 8p

There are many more options available, these are only our best sellers.
Come see us at our offices for a free consultation!

Murphy's Mail Order

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