On the Origin of Races

The fossil record indicates that some fifty thousand years ago, pure-blooded Elves, Orcs, and Ogres were fairly common. Some of the digs in Russia and Eastern Europe even indicate their involvement in large scale warfare of the time.
The interesting thing, is that prior to around seventy five thousand years ago, there has been no sign found of these long dead civilizations. They simply materialize with no precurser.
Human remains however persist as far back as several hundred thousand years. There has been no evidence found to date of a natural selection process of gradual growth from human ancestors, so this theory must be discounted for now.
It is my postulation that these races, as well as their Dwarf and Gnome cousins, are Magickal in their origin.
Excerpt from “On The Origin of Species”, 1859, by Charles Robert Darwin

A Modern Take

In the modern world of 1889, Orcs, Elves, and Ogres are nothing but a memory. A bed time story for children. We do know they existed, as shown in the sparing release of written records from the Dwarven libraries, as well as our own deductions from the fossil record.

Perhaps the ultimate proof, is that their blood lives on in the human species. Perhaps humans simply out-bred some of the other races? In particular the Elves. A Half-Elf on average takes 80 years to reach physical maturity and can live to up to 400 years! If an ostensibly Human creature can live this long, one can only imagine how long lived the original Elves may have been. A human tribe could triple or quadruple in size under the very nose of such an alien perspective.

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