A guide to the technology of the modern world

In GURPS terms, the world is at “Tech Level 6”. This period however stretches across a vast gulf of human progress from 1880 to 1940. What this means is that not everything from Tech Level 6 is readily available (or even exists yet!). Everything from Tech level 5 and below is readily available as mundane/normal items if you want them.
Everything that is not available, or from a tech level higher than 6, will be available if it is discovered, stolen, purchased or invented using suitably steampunky schematics.
For a blow-by-blow of available mundane tech – see here:

Everything from Tech Level 6 and above, where a source of power is required, uses Steam Power. If you are interested, wherever it becomes important in-game, this short explanation of how real world piston steam engines work will apply:
Steam Power.

Basically what this means, is everything is either literally powered by steam, or is “steam-punk”, using steam engines or gears or clockwork. Electricity is thus far only used for lighting and for powering electro-magnets. These CAN be incorporated into inventions etc.
An example of this is the magnetronic trains which use two opposing electro-magnetic arrays. One is the track – powered by power stations positioned along the line. The second is underneath the train itself, and is powered by an on-board power plant.

There is no circuitry or small electronic consumer products (because there is no portable way to power them).


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