The Setting

The Steamworks and Magick Obscura setting.

This is a Steampunk setting. The location is planet Earth and the year is 1889. The campaign will commence somewhere in London.
Magick also exists, and is taught in colleges around the world. However, you’ll not be able to use magick unless you have the gift for it, and have learned to use it. There are also races of magickal origin – elves, dwarves, orcs etc.

However, Technology has largely uprooted magick’s monopoly on the weird and fantastic, producing gadgets that achieve much the same ends that just about anyone can pick up and use. Wonders for the masses!

As a starting point, imagine late Victorian era London. Now imagine that a pnuematic tube mail network lines the old underground tunnels of London. That steam powered automobiles rush up and down the streets. And that magnetronic locomotives whiz around the city overhead.

The Setting

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