Clayton Fraser


Code of the West (Gentleman’s Honor)
- Never break your word.
- Never ignore an insult to yourself
- Protect the honor of all women
- Never shoot anyone in the back
- Never draw on an unarmed man
- Never abandon a friend

The Dead

Clayton has always seen ghosts. Most don’t pay him much attention. Some ghosts have asked him for tasks to ease their restlessness. A few ghosts have assisted Clayton with information that helped with a case.

The ghosts tend to move on or at least , with the exception of the “Chief” an old Indian Spirit that has showed up now and again following Clayton. Occasionally Chief has pointed Clayton in the right direction, but more often then not the Chief has exclaimed disappointment, annoyance, or gloating in the his native language that Clayton does not understand, yet does sometimes get a rise out of Clayton.

U.S. Marshal

As a Marshal in the West he dealt with Day to Day Law Enforcement, Cattle Rustlers, Train Robbers and even a Robber Barron.


The large Fraser family mostly run the family ranch in Wyoming.

He’s got brothers and sisters that may not have stayed with the family ranch and gotten other jobs (possibly international), but most especially the older ones would stay with the ranch.

It was horse thieves when a young Clayton got his first taste of law enforcement.Horse thieves would have decimated the Fraser Ranch if it hadn’t been for a U.S. Marshal.

Clayton Fraser

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