Cormac Byrne

Thin and lithe with dark shaggy hair sporting a greatcoat.


to be determined


Cormac is from a landowning family in Ireland, but when he was born, he bred true to ancient elven heritage that nobody remembered. His father being a bigoted and of a fundamentalist religious persuasion, cried out “Devil Child!” and stormed from the room. He was immediately disowned and sent away to a monastic boarding school on a craggy island off the coast of Donegal. There he learned the subtle arts of lockpicking and pickpocketing from upperclassmen who shared his fate. Eventually he broke into the library vaults and found mouldy, dark tomes which simply made sense to him. He practiced these incantations in secret for a while, planning his escape to the wide world. Assisted by his two upperclassmen friends, he prepared as much as he could over the years, honing his skills.

Come the winter of his Junior year ( in reality he was nearly 30 years old but because of his fey blood he appeared more like 17.) when the school was quiet and had a skeleton staff of old monks and initiates, he and his friends stole away from the rocky island in a rowboat eventually grounding it in Donegal Bay. There they split ways for safety, and he took a job as a cabin boy on a dutch merchant vessel, where he served for a season or two. He grew tired of life at sea and jumped ship with, what money and valuables he could steal, when a sudden storm made them take shelter on the English coast.

He has since made his way to London making ends meet as best he can. He has managed to keep his powers hidden for the most part and finds work as a delivery boy and runner. And occasionally “acquirer of lost things.” Currently he’s working for a less than savory merchant who has begun trusting him to deliver packages discreetly to customers. But his curiosity is starting to get the better of him and now that he has a job offer from a legitimate firm, he’s considering breaking into the warehouse to find out what these mysterious boxes contain.

Cormac Byrne

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