First Officer Kennedy

Captain Sackville's First Officer


Mechanically, Kennedy is a 6 point Ally NPC to Captain William Sackville, built with 50% of Sackville’s points, and with a frequency of appearance of 15 or less.
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First Officer aboard the airship Opportunity. Has worked on board the Opportunity since her re-commissioning as a privateer vessel in 1880. Archibald Kennedy was hired to serve as a Lieutenant aboard the Opportunity at the same time as William Sackville, and has worked as Sackville’s First Officer ever since Sackville took ownership of the ship after the war ended in 1881.

Kennedy is a bit of a cold fish, not at all one to express emotion. Cool and calm even under the most dire of circumstances, he complements his captains more enthusiastic and ebullient character. As such they have made a good command team over the years.

Captain Sackville Often leaves Kennedy in command of the Opportunity when he needs to conduct business in port, or during missions on the ground. Sackville does sometimes bring Kennedy along however. Especially when Kennedy’s superior skills as a forward observer, or with aeronautical law, will be particularly useful, and when the situation is such that one of the senior enlisted crew can handle command of the Opportunity for a short period.

First Officer Kennedy

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