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GURPS: Steamworks and Magick Obscura

GURPS: Steamworks and Magick Obscura is a steampunk game built on GURPS 4th Edition Basic set rules.

UPDATE: I have realized that Murphy’s Mail Order was not very easy to find. So uh… there it is.

Quick explanation of Money and a short Equipment Catalog of current, in-production weapons. It is by no means a complete representation of what you can have, in fact you can have anything up to tech level 5(+1), as explained on the Technology page. After the game actually starts there will be a steady flow of “new stuff” entering mass production so never fear!

Full map of London: Maps. If you click edit you can add a pin to the map (like for where you live). The streets are handily color coded:
Gold = upper class/wealthy
Red = Upper Middle Class / Comfortable
Pink = Middle Class
Light Blue = Working class, 18s – 25s per week
Dark Blue = Poverty, chronic want
Black = semi-criminal

Here is some general information about The Setting

And here are some general guidelines to Character Creation.
And a general guide on current Equipment.

There also a section on Races, complete with templates.

There is a Technology page, and a plain english explanation of Steam Power

By jove! Onward, to adventure!

Main Page

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